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Norton: Social Constructions

Page history last edited by Megan Norton 8 years, 1 month ago

The Help is a book that most people naturally assume is just about race, but it is much more than that. It brings up the subject of all social constructions placed on women, of any color, in 1960s Jackson, Mississippi. Through its three main characters, Skeeter, the young white college graduate,  Aibileen, the black maid with a story to tell, and Minny, a black maid with a lot of attitude, they tell the stories of what it is like for black maids to work for white families. But in doing this, they attack all constructed roles for all women, not just the construction of racism. 


Social Constructions are all in our minds. They are imaginary lines that have been drawn to keep people in their designated "proper" places.


Our minds will construct imaginary lines in the same way people construct social lines for race and gender.

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