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Making Connections and Using Artifacts

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Making Connections and Using Artifacts


For our final paper, you are making connections between an artifact and a primary text.


To find artifacts, we are using DATABASES (yeah internet)!


Finding an Artifact 

    1. Find and identify an artifact from online databases above.

    2. Library of Congress (see Special Collections, including Prints and Photographs and Historic Newspapers)



Doing a Close Reading:

    1. Select one passage from the text and do a close reading (3-5 paragraphs). The close reading should tie into the theme for the paper.  

      1. Here's link describing how to do a close reading if you need a refresher: http://writingcenter.fas.harvard.edu/pages/how-do-close-reading.


Visual Thinking and Analysis

Other Resources for formal analysis:



Today we are workshopping everything we've been preparing for the final paper. 


In order to receive attendance credit for today, you must post ALL of these things on your roster page by the end of class.


I suggest that you do this work on a word document and cut and paste it onto your page. 


  1. Find an artifact from one of the databases above (you may use the artifact you have already found OR find a new one).
  2. Make a CHART comparing and contrasting things that you notice about your artifact and things that you noticed (in your close reading) of your primary text.
    1. Think about THEME (American hero, American identity...)
    2. Think about representation (abstract, realistic...)
    3. Think about time period...
  3. Write a PARAGRAPH with a FORMAL ANALYSIS of your artifact:
    1. How does LINE work in this artifact?
    2. How does SPACE work here?
      1. Is it a 3D object? Is the space illusionary?  
    3. How does TEXTURE work here?
    4. How does COLOR work here? 
    5. WHY DOES IT MATTER? How do these elements make this artifact COMPELLING??


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