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Relation to the American Hero

Page history last edited by Chase White 8 years, 4 months ago

The term authenticity, and how it relates to the American Hero that we are discussing, may be identified rather easily. When we think of the American Hero, we think of someone who has powers that people do, or do not know about. One of the definitions of authenticity is being true to yourself or different than others. This could mean that people within our society could have special attributes that others may, or may not know about. Another reference to the American Hero is the way that they are seen as going to fight and adversary. In our every day life, we all go through things that challenge us, and we view them as adversaries, or adversities. That shows us that we are heroes in our day to day life, whether we realize that or not. We are considered unsung heroes. The ones who do not get recognized for the things that we do, but we should all realize that a hero lies within all of us.   

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